• Micro Silica, a mineral composed of ultrafine amorphous spheres of silicon dioxide (SiO2), is used as an additive for a stronger durable concrete structure.
  • Advance Micro Silica is much finer than Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). It is a pozzolanic material primarily consisting of natural fine grained densified particles of silica (SiO2) with bulk density ranging from 500~750 Kg/m3.


• Sulphate resistance concrete
• Concrete Pipes
• High strength concrete slabs
• for Shotcrete
• High-rise buildings
• Pavement and Driveways
• Industrial & commercial floors
• Patch Repairs
• Dams and tunnels
• Water stop concrete
• Marine concrete
• Concrete blocks

technical dosage range

Type of Application Percentage of Dosage* (%)
Normal Concret 4-7
Self -Compacting Concret 4-10
High Strength 7-10**
Low Permeability 12-15
Shotcrete 8-12
* The percentage of silica fumes is measured in weight (dry weight) of the cementitious materials
** To achieve particular performance characteristics, higher dosage may be used under specific conditions.

physical and chemical properties

Property Test Results Allowable
Color Light Grey Light-Dark Gray
Bulk Density 500-700 kg/m³ 500-700 kg/m³
Specific Surface Area 15000 m²/kg Min. 15000 m²/kg
Fineness ( % Retained on 45µm sieve) <1% Max. 10%
Silica (SiO₂) 93% Min. 85%
Sulphuric Acid (SO₃) 0.01% Max. 1%
Loss on ignition (LOI) 0.42% Max 6%