Day lighting is the controlled admission of natural sunlight and diffuse into a building to reduce electric lighting and save energy. It provides true color rendition, helps create a visually stimulating and productive environment, while reducing as much as one-third of total building energy costs.

Eco Sunlight Tubular Skylights use a roofmounted light-collecting dome to collect sunlight from various angles throughout the day. The light is reflected through a tube and diffused into a room through a fixture that looks like a standard recessed light. Because of the shape of the “scoop” at the top, tubular skylights can draw light regardless of the sun’s

Estimated equivalent performance

Tube Size Area Coverage Lumen Equivalent Wattage Output Maximum Light Tube Length
10" Up to 150 Sq. ft. 3,750 lm Up to 300 watts 18"
13" Up to 300 Sq. ft. 6,500 lm Up to 500 watts 20"
21" Up to 700 Sq. ft. 13,900 lm Up to 1450 watts 20"


  • Micro Silica, a mineral composed of ultrafine amorphous spheres of silicon dioxide (SiO2), is used as an additive for a stronger durable concrete structure.
  • Advance Micro Silica is much finer than Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). It is a pozzolanic material primarily consisting of natural fine grained densified particles of silica (SiO2) with bulk density ranging from 500~750 Kg/m3.


• Sulphate resistance concrete
• Concrete Pipes
• High strength concrete slabs
• for Shotcrete
• High-rise buildings
• Pavement and Driveways
• Industrial & commercial floors
• Patch Repairs
• Dams and tunnels
• Water stop concrete
• Marine concrete
• Concrete blocks

technical dosage range

Type of Application Percentage of Dosage* (%)
Normal Concret 4-7
Self -Compacting Concret 4-10
High Strength 7-10**
Low Permeability 12-15
Shotcrete 8-12
* The percentage of silica fumes is measured in weight (dry weight) of the cementitious materials
** To achieve particular performance characteristics, higher dosage may be used under specific conditions.

physical and chemical properties

Property Test Results Allowable
Color Light Grey Light-Dark Gray
Bulk Density 500-700 kg/m³ 500-700 kg/m³
Specific Surface Area 15000 m²/kg Min. 15000 m²/kg
Fineness ( % Retained on 45µm sieve) <1% Max. 10%
Silica (SiO₂) 93% Min. 85%
Sulphuric Acid (SO₃) 0.01% Max. 1%
Loss on ignition (LOI) 0.42% Max 6%
for Other Materials such as Lime, Dololime, AAC Blocks, refractory Bricks, others are available upon request.